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Wendy Lee,

Owner, Living Themes.
"UCounting is really made for people who do not know acounting.             It's a delight to use it."


Leo Koo

CEO, TechGarage.
"With UCounting, I can see what my Salesmen are selling and see                 my inventory level in realtime."


Kevin and Lilian Jesudasan

Caterers, A Family Affair
"I can manage my Invoices more efficiently with UCounting."


Mary Thain

Administrator, Biospensa Resources.
"UCounting helps me manage our Product Inventories. It's a very                   simple system to use"

YT Yoong

Charis Yau

Owner, SquareArt
"It's a good tool to track my income and expenses, especially                 after an event."

YT Yoong

Kevin Yeng

Accountant, YTYoong
"I recommend my clients to use UCounting for day to day recording             as it is very easy to use and it                   keeps their accounts up to date"

Overview of application

UCounting is an online business management application that was developed on the latest cloud computing technologies. Built to be used by non-accounting savvy users. We sincerely feel that this is the easiest to use accounting application in the market right now. No accounting jargons to learn and no difficult technology to master. UCounting accounting application is the most powerful, user friendly and affordable accounting solution today. It is also more than just an accounting system. UCounting is a tool for you to manage your business efficiently and simply.

How does it work?

Sign up for any of our packages. Log in and go thru an initial guided setup process. Thats it, you are good to go. There are no software to install, no confusing user licenses to purchase and no updates to patch. All you need is an internet connection and a browser on your computer or smartphone. UCounting runs entirely on the cloud and all software updates are done automatically. We want you to use UCounting and go out there to do your business.